Why Pre-Plan?

Thinking about our own death is not a particularly pleasant experience depending upon your philosophy on life. To the degree that we take care of our personal responsibilities, we like to have our affairs in order; this is motivation enough for some people to pre-plan their own funeral. 

If you leave behind directions for your survivors about your funeral preference, and further if you pay or set aside funds for these directions, your decisions take precedence over any other person's wishes regarding your funeral plans. Personal plans come first, then the power to make funeral decisions is passed down to a person designated in a will, or a durable power of attorney for medical care appointed by you to make these decisions. The rights then devolve to the surviving spouse, the adult children, the parents, or a person appointed by the courts - in that order.

In any case, we try to be good communicators and help our survivors do the right thing. Funeral gatherings are for the living, and as much as we hate to leave folks behind, this happens to everyone someday and we hope our kin and community will remember us fondly. 

Pre-Planning Funerals Can Save You and Your Family Money

By making decisions today and purchasing some things that you are able to purchase (grave, headstone) and setting aside money for the other expenses, Malcom's Brower-Wann Funeral Home will guarantee that the money will always be enough to pay for those funeral wishes in the future. The money is placed in a trust account or annuity where it gains interest. The law allows this money to be used to offset future inflation. The funeral home keeps the interest for guaranteeing the funeral plan.

In order to qualify for Medicaid, you may need to reduce your assets. Money set aside in a qualified irrevocable funeral plan is not counted as an asset, it is sheltered.

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