Deborah Wilkerson

Deborah Wilkerson

3/5/1955 — 1/25/2024

Debi started out her life at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lewiston, on March 5, 1955, the first of seven children born to Merle and Lorraine Wilkerson. She was a bright and spunky kid who possessed a streak of fierce independence that remained intact until her passing on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024.

Debi began her academic career at Holy Family School in Clarkston where she excelled in her studies and bravely challenged the equally obstinate nuns from the Teaching Sisters of Notre Dame. It was a long and arduous battle as I recall. Deb developed into a kind and understanding soul who had a heart for those fellow classmates who appeared to be less fortunate and less popular.

Moving into high school, she was an admired friend not only by her peers, but across the many social and economic groups found within the halls of Clarkston High School. She participated in several student activities and sports earning a letter in cheerleading along the way. Debi was naturally beautiful, inside and out. Being three grades behind her, it was always a bit discomfiting walking the halls with her as both guys and gals would openly stare, smile and say hi to her as she strolled along between classes. Even today, friends remind me of how special she was to them, how she treated everyone with dignity and respect and actually gave underclass boys the impression that they might someday have a chance at dating her though it never quite came to fruition.

Following high school, she studied business at Spokane Falls Community College for two years prior to relocating to Los Angeles. I’ve never seen a faster typist. Upon returning to the valley, she was employed at several businesses including Twin City Foods, Potlatch, the Tapadera and BoJack’s. It was while tending bar that Debi was in her element, meeting people one on one, listening to their stories and befriending those in need. Debi started a tax preparation service and enjoyed two decades of assisting hundreds of clients with their tax returns.

Deb was part of a large extended family including the Wilkerson’s, Wittman’s and Ward’s. A select few of our 50 first cousins often served as best friends over the years. Debi was interwoven into the family fabric and was especially close with Mary Ann Ward for many decades.

Debi had a daughter, Jesi, in 1985. She enjoyed being a mother to Jesi and especially loved being a doting grandmother to Jesi’s son, Jack.

Life was interesting with Deb as a big sister. As a kid you would do well to have a reasonable fear of antagonizing her, yet she was very protective of her little brothers and sisters to outsiders. The hardest I’ve ever been hit is when I found and read her diary. One of the most significant impacts she made on us was by way of the vast array of characters she brought into our lives. These individuals became quasi-big brothers that had a positive influence on all of us. Guys like Jack Weisgerber, Kim Dixon, Larry Babino, John Charlo, Michael Lloyd and Barry Holben. Great memories with special people. Her loyal friends Pete and Prat Peterson were instrumental in caring for her as she battled COPD.

Debi leaves behind her daughter Jesi Wilkerson and grandson Jack. Seven siblings; Dennis and Sue Dow, Robbi and Greg Heath, Ric and Cheryl Wilkerson, Cyndi Fiske, Randy and Natalie Wilkerson, Bill and Julie Wilkerson and Dan and Brooki Wilkerson. She was predeceased by her father and mother, Merle and Lorraine Wilkerson.

God bless her for living her life her way. We loved her dearly and know full well that she loved us too.


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